Nuclear refugees camp in the cold while TEPCO housing remains empty!

TEPCO—Tokyo Electric Power Company—has found that duct-tape can solve their nuke plant meltdown problems.mickey mouse nuke plants of tepco

While nuclear refugees camp in the cold while plenty of TEPCO housing remains empty such as this nearly unused employee residence just north of Ginza Tokyo.
tepco dorms in ningycho tokyo before march

Jiji Press (Google Translate) reports that TEPCO has become in increasing concerned about the frustration of common Japanese have with the company’s inaction to solve any problems. TEPCO is worried that the public may start to take their revenge against the many TEPCO residential and recreational facilities for their employees.

To reduce the high-profile liability of this near empty housing facility, on March 21st, TEPCO solved their nuke problems with duct tape as shown below.

tepco dorm 21 march 2011

Jiji Press (Google Translate) explained that TEPCO owns a residential and recreational facilities for employees in 21 buildings in 12 prefectures most of which are underutilized or empty but could accept many of nuclear refugees.

With plenty of empty housing TEPCO refuses nuke plant evacuees
Dot Com editorial (Google Translate)
TEPCO’s plans for dealing with the evacutedlocal residents accepted to the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have not been made.
While TEPCO delays help to evacuees, other power companies are starting to accept the victims of their own facilities…


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