Digital makeup … from Japan of course

not makeup - mask japan
, the Japanese fashion house exhibited a line of digital camouflage that is seemingly better than makeup for covering up one’s flaws. The theory of digital camouflage is that “blurring” the edges of the colored patches makes objects, harder to discern rather than large blotches of color with sharp outlines that are easier to see (Wiki). For example…
makeup vs camouflage digital camo

from Tokyo Fashion Film on Vimeo

You should also check out ANREALAGE’s “banal chic bizarre collection” film short.

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  1. Many more photos and a full engrish explanation…

    pixelated fashion by kunihiko morinaga of anrealage
    japanese designer kunihiko morinaga showcases an 8-bit interpretation of the range of women's fashion, from dresses and professional suits to athletic styles and sweatshirts, in the pixel-patterned fall/winter 2011/2012 collection of his fashion company anrealage. the line debuted during japan fashion week.

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