We Cut Heads

This Fuji TV screenshot taken live at Japanese barber shop. which is titled on the upper left kurashikaru classic style/Classical Style.

kurashikaru classic haircut style
Via zeniarzo‘s tumblr.

Just in case you thought this “classic haircut style” was odd, a quick Google Image Search of kurashikaru classic style reveals…classic examples

From Google Image Search, I found the motherload “classic haircut styles” and the source of the TV screenshots was the “charisma barber” Sato Hideki. Check out his website!

combo shot of classic haircut filmcrew
flathead classic haircut japanese

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21 thoughts on “We Cut Heads”

  1. I regret it, but I cannot help you with your problem with dutch oven mitts.

  2. Andrew wrote:
    … I cannot help you with your problem with dutch oven mitts.

    WTFBBQ? Has the 3Yen been hacked, again?!

  3. Wait a minute…Barber snowmen are too, too real and scary, hee, hee, hee.

    ちょっと待って、床屋の雪だるまあまりにリアル過ぎて怖いんですけどwwww pic.twitter.com/1W51jQCXCl — おだしゅん@LINE吹き飛びました (@yamanote1390) February 14, 2014

    However, those barber snowmen are nothing compared to what’s at the dentist!

    japanese dentist's snowman
    なにこの雪だるま。 くそおもろいやん♩(・Д・)ノ pic.twitter.com/fGRf8ho1x0 — hosaaaaato (@hosaton) February 14, 2014
  4. Heads roll in April!
    Practice dummies are decimated during April which is the first month training of new employees at Japanese hair salons and barbershops.


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