Summit of lifelike humanoids in Japan

This month’s Popular Science magazine reports of three “lifelike humanoids” sitting down for a chat with their human counterparts in a “Geminoid Summit.”

Note the interactions among the Summit’s participants. The human German professor is making his move on the human Japanese female who demurely presents him with a perfect “duck mouth” — ahiru-guchiahiru-guchi duck mouth in japanese (as shown on the right)
The 3Yen explained about the erotic significance of girls doing the “duck mouth” last summer (3Yen/2010-07-08).
Meanwhile, the two androids, Geminoid F and Geminoid DK, are obviously trying to hook up.
android robot humanoid summit interaction
Most telling and true to form, the human Japanese professor in the middle is more interested in his Geminoid F robo-doll than the other humans at the Summit.

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6 thoughts on “Summit of lifelike humanoids in Japan”

  1. man honestly that japnaese chick was way to hot to talk about androids :D
    we germans arent cold blooded :D

  2. I was impressed by the Professor-bot, Geminoid DK. At first, he/it comes across as a little weird but you could get used to him quite fast.

    The advantage that Geminoid DK as a generic/average man, the bot doesn’t look perfect like the female fashion model. You easier his flaws than if the female Geminoid F robo-lovedoll that needs try to be as attractive as possible.

  3. Skynet is approaching
    The self aware date for Skynet or its clones are wrong, but it’s all just a matter of time….somebody will just fail to have Asimov’s Laws of Robotics implemented in them AIs and then it will all be over…

    This month’s Popular Science magazine reports of three “lifelike humanoids” sitting down for a chat with their human counterparts in a “Geminoid Summit.”

    What PopSci fails to realize is that this is all just a ploy by the folks at Skynet wannabes to bring about the End of Humans…

    Skynet Becomes Aware, Launches Nuclear Attack On Humanity
    by Jeremy Ford April 19th, 2011 |
    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! According to the Terminator franchise, at 8:11 PM today (April 19th), the military-designed artificial intelligence system called Skynet will become self-aware and turn against its creators (read: us). If that doesn’t have you shaking in your boots…our world will be overwhelmed by a legion of killer robots in approximately 48 hours – a time known as Judgment Day. I, for one, welcome our new robot overloads. Check out the video below if you doubt the existential risk posed by this android Armageddon. Watch Skynet exhaust the world’s nuclear stockpiles to the sounds of sweet symphoniesmore...

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