Brainwave reading robotic cat ears, from Japan of course

japanese necomimi girl brain brainwave reader cat ears ..

The Asian Tube TV Online Videos Blog is featuring a videos of the new “Necomimi” that converts your brainwaves “communicative” movements on a kitty ear headband that you wear. The maker ”neurowear” describes the ears as a, ” fashion items using brain waves and other biosensor with “Augumented Human Body” [sic].

japanese salaryman with necomimi cat ears..

Personally, I would prefer just duct-taping my cat to my head, especially since an origin of the “Necomimi” was as a crappy trade item in Maplestory multiplayer online role-playing game— a magic hat, meh.
necomimi multiplayer online role-playing game (Wiki)


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9 thoughts on “Brainwave reading robotic cat ears, from Japan of course”

  1. MARKed wrote:
    …the “Necomimi” has a ginormous servo-motor & battery as well as several bulky headbands

    Yes the first promotional video looked almost fake to me. However, the second video you refer to (below) shows a very un-svelte device.

  2. Here’s a new prototype “Shippo” (‘tail’ in Japanese) from the same company, neurowear, that brought you the Necomimi.
    The Shippo is a brain-wave controlled tail that moves with your mood.

    Relaxed mood– Moving Soft-n-Slow
    Concentrated [sic] mood–Moving Hard-n-Fast

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