Pepsi Dry — Japan’s new ‘straight’ bitter cola

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pepsi dry bottle new in japan suntory

“Pepushi-dorai” (Pepsi Dry) Launches
–Other cola drinks market “sweet” —
Announcing a new cola

Suntory [franchisee of Pepsi in Japan] has released across the country today a new product in their lineup, Pepsi Dry.

Pepsi Dry is marketed as a new alternative to sweet cola drinks. With less than half the sweetness of regular Pepsi is has sharp clean finish to its flavor and is not stuck the past. This new “bitter cola” targets its appeal to the concept of “Straight.”

Pepsi Dry will cost 140 yen per 490 ml bottle [$1.72 USD / 16.6 oz].


pepsi dry japan homepage..

Pepsi Ice Cucumber label

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4 thoughts on “Pepsi Dry — Japan’s new ‘straight’ bitter cola”

  1. “She goes “No! You’re on drugs!”

    I go “mom, I’m ok. I’m just thinking.”

    She goes “No! You’re not thinking, you’re on drugs! Normal people don’t be acting that way!”

    I go “mom, just get me a Pepsi! Please, all I want is a Pepsi!” And she wouldn’t give it to me! All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn’t give it to me! Just a Pepsi!”

  2. Good old Japan. Still leading the way in soft drink innovation. It’s odd, but that’s the thing I loved the most about going to Japan. Trying all the new crazy drinks. I’m itching to try this one. I just wonder if it’s as delicious as Coke Gold was. It makes me sad that the best new drinks we have in the US are a new flavor of citrus or Mountain Dew. Ick. It’s why I bought a sodastream. Make my own delicious beverages.

  3. This year New Years resolution was to not keep soda in the house. I like drinking water, but if I have soft drinks around then I am much more likely to grab one so I have just not kept it in my house in 2011.

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