‘Big Hair’ in Japan

The final death-throes of the Ageha*, big-hair styles (which have been popular since 2008 in Japan) are, to say the least, hair-raising.

Japanese “big hair” styling…
big-hairvia inesligron.com

The same woman as above in mufti…
normal non-big hair japanese girl

*Ageha literally means “Swallowtail Butterflies” in Japanese.

Previously (2010-06-10) I have reported on this glitter-hooker look—the Ageha fashion boom in Japan— which has morphed into the Koakuma (Little Devil). To learn more about this high hair, hooker-look trend Japan see: Japanese ‘Hime-gyaru’/ Marie Antoinette hairstyles (3Yen | 2009-08-09)

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