New viral video appears of the famous robot mouth ‘singing’!

Robo-Mouth japanYou can’t keep a good viral video down…

…The ‘singing’ robo-mouth returns!

With its big plastic lips the robot is a dead ringer for Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, who is known as Old Rubber Lips. The device was developed by Professor Hideyuki Sawada at Kagawa University, Japanmore

via Singing robot is a motor mouth
The Sun | 2011 July 13th

All mouth ..Look-a-like ..

Today’s video below shows the improved robo-mouth—Compare it with the old-n-busted mouth* of the original youtube sensation.

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7 thoughts on “New viral video appears of the famous robot mouth ‘singing’!”

  1. LOL!
    The internet is a brighter place due to your fantabulous posts about freaky Japan. Many thanks!

  2. Just smear some ruby red lipstick on Dr. Sawada’s “invention” and she’d be ready to work the streets of Roppongi (I that device can vocalize gagging sounds?).

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