Selling the ‘Man from Planet Squid-aru’

Yes, the Japanese in the Japan Times photo below are engaged happily in oral tentacle sex on the streets Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan.

Shop selling character squid goods debuts
Japan Times | July 19, 2011…A company in Hakodate, Hokkaido, that developed the squid character Ikaaru Seijin (Man from Planet Ikaaru) has opened an official shop selling related goods, including mobile phone straps and hatsmore...squid-store

project ika-r logo

Along with the the above tentacle sex tourist promotion, the ‘Man from Planet Ika/Squid-aru,” the squid character Ikaaru Seijin has made more than 20 youtube videos of him destroying the port of Hakodate. That attack is understandable since the majority of Japan’s huge squid catch is processed at Hakodate.

Click to watch the destruction!
squid-attack port of hakkodate..

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.
Wiki-“In a sushi restaurant in R’lyeh topless Cthulhu awaits for your private dance.”

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19 thoughts on “Selling the ‘Man from Planet Squid-aru’”

  1. Do you think your “banks teetering on the brink of the abyss” matter a jot to beautiful, aristocratic bottom-feeders like the three-spined diacria trispinosa? Do you really imagine “the Arab Spring”, “the Occupy Movement” or “Presidential Approval Ratings” are matters of even the slightest passing concern to a pteropod?molu
    “Austerity packages” and “hacking scandals” aren’t even blips on the radar for the cold-water worms, sea cucumbers and sea butterflies of the polar oceans.
    “Acid rain” and “global warming”, however, do concern them. They take these things as a personal affront and, despite their generous and easy-going disposition, are starting to hold you responsible.
    You probably read in the papers about how great was this thing called “the Industrial Revolution”. Spinning wheels, steam trains, that sort of thing. Well, it had a downside. Carbon dioxide released by centuries of industry is being absorbed into the oceans. They’re turning slowly into acid.

    So next time you tremble at the beauty of the pteropods, remember that — even with the best will in the world — they’re starting to hate you, with your spiralling population and your belching factories. They’ve considered terrorism, but they don’t have the heart for it. Now they’re thinking of leaving the planet, but they haven’t got the space program together yet.

    —via Mrs Tsk *

  2. cephalopodoptera
    cephalopodoptera by vladimir stankovic

    Cephalopodoptera is a newly discovered order of species, a link between molluscs and insects. They live in the deepest underwater caves of the oceans worldwide. With the characteristics and intelligence of moths, beetles, octopuses and squid, these animals have managed to remain hidden for centuries. As we speak, tests and experiments are being carried out in order to know more about these mysterious and elusive creaturesmore

  3. Seen nearby was Tonari no Cthulhu
    Tonari no Cthulhu alt version of Tonari no Totoro aka My Neighbor Totoro
    (Tonari no Cthulhu is an alt version of Tonari no Totoro aka My Neighbor Totoro)

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