Robot wet love, Japan of course

Here’s the newest breakthrough in the Japan’s robot technology. Now Japanese scientists have developed robot love dolls that are wet ‘n’ wild ‘n’ waterproof!
robot love doll  waterproof japan
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6 thoughts on “Robot wet love, Japan of course”

  1. WOW your page came up first in Google for “robot wet love.” And that was what I was looking

  2. So by “waterproof” you mean that when I pull my fap pole out of her mouth and give it a “bukkake happy ending”™ on its face, its makeup will stay intact?

  3. fapgaijinfap wrote:
    So by “waterproof” you mean that …its makeup will stay intact?

    It’s much better than that: the makeup is embedded into the vinyl “skin” from its soft surface all the way to its bulletproof Kevlar® backing! :-D

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