Big ‘n’ radioactive — Japanese sea life moves onto land!

The levels of Cesium-134 in seawater near the Fukushima Meltdown have climbed to levels 30 times the allowed safety standards (Bloomberg / 2011Jul25). Concurrently, the threat to Japan grows as GIANT MUNTANT FISH have started to crowd into Japanese ports and move onto land!
big bream
In the TaioMatsuri festival, a giant seaobream made of wood, bamboo and cloth is taken through the port of Minamichita in Japan’s Aichi Pref. to pray for a good fishing and safe season for the catch. With Japan still struggling to recover from the March 11th’s triple whammy of earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown, flags saying Gambare Nippon—“Stay Tough Japan!” have been hung from the giant fish floats.
—via July 23, 2011 | PhotooJournal – The MainichioDailyoNews

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  1. How Fukushima Contamination May Have Spread via Waterways
    Wall Street Journal — JapanRealTime | May 13, 2013
    A new study offers fresh insights into how radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear disaster may have spread through Japan’s interconnected waterways, reaching some freshwater fish hundreds of kilometers away.
    The research by two Japanese academics published in “Nature” magazine late last month reports traces of cesium found in 2011 “even in Shizuoka prefecture, 400 km south-west from the plant.”
    According to the authors, the new study is important because it draws attention to a water system characteristic that may be unique to Japan. “Because Japan’s irrigation system is so advanced, the speed with which radioactive substances spread is also fast,” Hideya Kubo, the other co-author, told JRT.

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