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RIBA-II, the next generation in care-giving Japanese Teddy Bears!

Robot Nursing Bear
As the covered last year in my report BEARS! (2010-10-03), this robo-teddy (R) wants to sweep you off your feet and cuddle!

Now there’s a RIBA II (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) to work in Japan’s increasingly understaffed nursing homes (because Japan refuses the thought of having care provided by willing-&-available nurses from South Asia).

RIKEN: RIBA-II, the Next Generation Care-giving Robot
—New robot boasts the latest in sensor technology, promises a brighter future for Japan's elderly population—
Tokyo, Aug 2, 2011 – (JCN Newswire) —A new robot using high-precision tactile sensors and flexible motor control technology has taken Japan one step closer to its goal of providing high-quality care for its growing elderly population. Developed by researchers at RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), the new robot can lift a patient up to 80kg in weight off floor-level bedding and into a wheelchair, freeing care facility personnel of one of their most difficult and energy-consuming tasksmore...

Click to play video.
riba-II nursing care robot japan..


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5 Responses to “RIBA-II, the next generation in care-giving Japanese Teddy Bears!”

  1. derp Says:

    Pricing of the RIBA II is expected to be around 600 million yen! ($7,768,498 USD!!!)
    Jiji dot-com (2011/08/02-19: 11)

  2. Taro Says:

    Nah, the target price is around ¥6 million ($78,000).

  3. Taro Says:

    robot bear prior art

  4. K. von Egut Says:

    Be SΘft. Be Bear-bot.
    Do nΘt let the e-wοrld make yοu hard.
    Do nΘt let pain make you hate.
    Do nΘt let the bitterness steal your sweet electricity.
    Take pride that even though the rest of the robots may disagree,
    YΘu still believe it to be a bot-beautiful place.

  5. K-chan Says:

    Read about the Japanese sadness of desperately wanting human contact: Cuddle cafe lets you pay around $60 an hour to sleep next to a woman.

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