Newest power generation system for Tokyo Tower — eco-bike generators

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Since Japan’s great earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear power plant meltdowns, everyone in Kanto, the greater Tokyo area, we under orders to conserve energy and reduce public lighting, even the normally gaudily lit Tokyo Tower*. To solve the electric power crisis, on Tuesday August 23rd Tokyoites will madly peddle bicycle generators to light up Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower to be lit up for 30 minutes by exercise bikes | 28 July 2011 (via mega-weird Google Translate) an event will be held on August 23 to light up Tokyo Tower using human power. Ten people will use stationary bikes to store up the electric energy…for the tower lighting scheduled for 8:08 to 8:38 pm
tokyo tower exercise bike powered human generated electricity

Hmmmm. Can 10 humans generating electricity from exercise bikes really store the estimated 5500Wh needed to light up Tokyo Tower for a whopping 30 minutes? According to Ito Industries and Human Power Systems the joint developers of the “Energy bike” that will be used to illuminate the tower via–Google Translate:
the bicycle-type generator is equipped with high-efficiency stator and a storage battery. In the future, as part of the rationaliztion of power needs, these exercise bike could be installed in facilities such as sports clubs as well as for use as emergency power. According to their estimates, this bike generator peddled by one person in their 20s can store up 9.6 kilowatts in storage batteries in one day…

To learn more, read their English press release at: — Japanese Research Group at Senshu University Develops Bicycle Generator

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