Kill it with fire!

Robo-Mouth japan
From Japan’s Famous robot mouth ’singing’ (3Yen / 2011-07-14) to wild blue-haired Robo-babes singing J-Pop (3Yen / 2009-10-06, below right &#8600)singing japanese robot robo-girl, Japan has always led the way for anthropomorphic fem-bots … until now.

In Taiwan’s never-ending quest to copy all things bad about Japan (concrete everything, crappy housing, overhead wires, random dumping of toxic waste, C-pop muzak, etc.), Taiwanese researchers now feel compelled to copy Japan’s useless “singing” robots.

Humanoid Singer Robot from TaiwanHumanoid Singer Robot from Taiwan
Akihabara News | August 23, 2011
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taipei, arrives the humanoid head capable of reading simple music scores, and synthesize the music. This is achieved by using the information that cameras in the eyes of the humanoid records, and then by sending it to an algorithm that processes the pitch, rhythm and lyrics...more…

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    Robot recognizes self in mirror |2011/11/30
    Mirror-self recognition is a hallmark of intelligence in animals, something found in primates, dolphins and elephants, for example, but not dogs
    “This quite simple experiment touches interesting psychological aspects of self-consciousness,” the blog reads.
    The researchers are working on programming the robot so it can recognize itself autonomously when found in front of the mirror, one step closer to true self awareness.

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