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‘Mukade ningen’

Even though the film ‘Mukade ningen’ aka “Human Centipede” has been out for two years, Japanese love the whole idea as proven by this display at a recent showing of film in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Human Centipede (Google Translate)
human centipede ningen mukade

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23 Responses to “‘Mukade ningen’”

  1. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    Here are Japanese fans lining up with money in hand to see the film in Shibuya…

  2. Coligny Says:

    That movie might be the worst turd put on film… evar… no surprise them japandjins love a ‘poop-to-mouth’ trainwreck with little to no storyline…

  3. Taro Says:

    Coligny wrote:
    That movie might be the worst turd put on film… evar…

    Butt, butt, poop is lucky in Japan,
    Unchi-Neko Coin Bank for manekineko and poo fans ..

    (I caught a random 90-second free preview of Human Centipede on my DirecTV satellite’s pay-for-view—90 seconds was 80 seconds more than anybody wants to see.)

  4. Taro Says:
    HUMANCENTiPAD (Season 15, Episode 1) - Full Episode Player - South Park Studios-2
    Click to play (if you dare).

  5. denfour Says:

    human centipede 2 out soon!

  6. Den4 (via Taro) Says:

    The Most Revolting Vagina Dentata Sound Effect of All Time [NSFW] — SEP 23, 2011
    When you make a movie called Horny House of Horror, you’ve got a certain… standard to live up to. And luckily, this Japanese import goes all-out. Basically, it’s about a bordello where the women kill — and generally mutilate — their customers. And in this scene, the hapless John is undone by a vagina dentata. With the most disturbing sound effect we’ve heard since the Human Centipede 2 trailer...more
    Click to view, Not-Safe-For-Work…

    Horny House Of Horror Trailer 投稿者 XshootX

  7. Taro Says:

    Embiggen to view the rest-of-the-story of the “nightmare”, 600×909 px.

  8. Taro Says:

    I just spotted this on the Interwebs…
    Here’s the new challenger to Japanese Human Centipede mutations/variants!

    My Little Pony ponypede human centipede

  9. Den4 Says:

    The Human Centipede — The Musical
    human centipede the musical
    Taro, please insert photo.

  10. Den4 (via email) Says:

    corporate human centipede den4 email header
    corporate human centipede
    Korporate Human Centipede

  11. Taro Says:

    And now, here’s a scene from the upcoming horror film, ‘Feline Centipede’!


    feline centipede

  12. Taro Says:

    Japan’s traditional “Prior Art” of the Human Centipede…
    japanese human centipede 1880s
    Embiggen to 644×400 px.

  13. Denfour via email Says:

    centipeding multitasking

    Embiggen to 958×717 pixels.

    (Actually, this is not Japan but in the Mo Do Sculpture Park, in South Korea.)

  14. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Musashigawa beya end of sumo practice
    Embiggen to a sumo-sized photo, 920×613 px.

    See more photos at:…the_daily_lives_of_sumo_wrestlers…

  15. Taro 3Yen Says:

    At least Japanese living is not as shitty as China…
    chinese new employees crawling in line..

  16. den4 via email Says:

    kaiju centipede

    kiju ring

    Destiny’s Ring?

  17. Taro 3Yen Says:

    japanese human centipede syncho-swim team
    Japan performs their Human Centipede routine during the team synchro-swimming free final at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Barcelona, Spain...
    –Friday, July 26, 2013, AP Photo

  18. Taro Says:

    Check out these Human Centipede stamps…

    the human centipede stamp by nickyATEYOURskittles on deviantART.

  19. The Den4 Report Says:

    Just when I thought we’d seen the last of the centipedes…Reese’s comes up with another one? :P or at least a meme-maker did…


  20. Mr. T Says:

    Old skool, natsukashii (懐かしい) “feeling nostalgic”


  21. Mr. T (via email) Says:

    Around and around and around
    Around and around and around
    embiggen to full ÑṠFW glory

  22. depus maximus reporting Says:

    Centipede-like Tokyo truckin’ … (◍•ڡ•◍)❤

  23. Den4 reporting Says:

    politicks are really centipedes
    (Never before in a picture have I seen it summed up so perfectly.)

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