Miss Greater Co-Prosperity Universe!


The Miss Universe pageant going to be held in Brazil on September 12. However, Miss Japan, Maria Kamiyama, has POWNED the competition at you can see this pre-release of the video of the contest at Sao Paulo’s Beco de Batman


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6 thoughts on “Miss Greater Co-Prosperity Universe!”

  1. Miss Drunk Japan…

    miss drunk japan
    Miss Universe India 2011 Vasuki Sunkavalli (L), Miss Universe Denmark 2011 Sandra Amer (C) and Miss Universe Japan 2011 Maria Kamiyama pose for a picture at the Buddha bar in Sao Paulo September 2, 2011 getting ready for the Miss Universe pageant that will be held September 12.

  2. You’ve got great in-sight to Miss Universe, so keep up the good work, ok?

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