Miss Universe Japan in her ‘national costume’

Miss Universe Japan 2011 Maria Kamiyama pre-tapes in her national costume onstage at Sao Paulo according to 2SPACE.NET – Sep 8th, 2011
Maria Kamiyama miss universe japan 2011..

As posted here before in Miss Greater Co-Prosperity Universe (3Yen | 9/2/2011) is once again going for the kinky samurai look that has served Japan so well in previous years (3Yen | 2006-07-19) Miss Universe in ninja high heels)

miss Japan maria kamiyama

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7 thoughts on “Miss Universe Japan in her ‘national costume’”

  1. Wow! She’s a beauty! I didn’t pay attention who’s who at all this year. . First time seeing her photo!

  2. … She’s a beauty! I didn’t pay attention who’s who at all this year.

    They are all beautiful in their hearts. (^_-)☆

  3. Yes they all are beautiful & intelligent. My guess is they are also trying to give a chance to countries that haven’t held the title…

    E! Online | Sept. 12, 2011
    Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011 at the finals held at Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo Brazil on September 12, 2011. The first runner-up was Olesya Stefanko of Ukraine and second runner-up was Priscila Machado of Brazil, the third runner-up was shamcey supsup of the Philippines, the fourth runner-up was Zilin Luo of China.

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