Japanese bullet train ‘vagina’

pikachu has a vagina

One of the all-time favorites on the 3Yen in terms of vistor hits is Pikaku’s Privates (3Yen / 2008-09-09)

So, you can imagine my delight to stumble across the photo posted by a Hitachi kohai/coworker* of a Shinkansen vagina. Sorry, but I just had to steal and repost without permission this photo of an inflatable bullet train vagina.

three steps over japan blog header
inflatable shikansen 3 steps over blog

Japan Rail (JR) had a promotional campaign in front of the Kagoshima-chuo station
Three Steps Over Japan blog: 2011 July 26, Kagoshima

Ok, let’s go for a closeup of the money shot.

shikansen vagina money-shot

* The author of the the Inflatable Shinkansen, TSOTE-san, appears to have worked with me in Hitachi as a technical writer in a different office near mine but somehow we never met.

I use the word “vagina” in the loose vernacular sense because calling it the “Shinkansen vulva”or the “Gaping labia of the bullet train” is a bit much, isn’t it?
For more on vagina abuse, please refer to the Grammarist.com.

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