Transformer TENGA twist…from Japan

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For some odd reason, the Japanese keep rising to the occasion and these TENGA tales keep popping up so to speak. However, I think this story about a transgendered TENGA device has all the others* beat.
tenga transformer

Wily woman works out way to wank with Tenga sex aid
The Tokyo Reporter | 2011/09/20
Female cartoonist Shungiku Uchida (age 52) …in her column in Yukan Fuji (Sep. 21) she informs fans of a fantastic way for females to pleasure themselves using a male sex aid. Specifically, a Tenga 3D.
…Uchida managed to pull off a major coup by taking a tubular Tenga 3D— which is basically a synthetic vagina designed to accommodate a penis—turning it inside out, and smearing the silicone surface with a liquid lubricant...more

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