Typhoon Roke leaves 8 tons of dead umbrellas in its wake!

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More than 8 tons of broken umbrellas left Tokyo’s Shibuya in the wake of Typhoon No. 15
dead brollies umbrella FNN-Typhoon No15
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FNN News: Sept. 22, 2011 (via wacky Google Translate)Typhoon No. 15 passed through the island leaving trail of a broken umbrellas during the night and dawn…The wind speed at Hachioji, Tokyo was the highest in recorded history….approximately 240 street trees were downed in Tokyo alone. … Shibuya Station is home of many difficulties. The train station collected a lot of broken umbrellas. By 3:00 pm cleanup activities umbrellas collected 8 tons….a pile of more than 3 metersmore

dead umbellas
“Dead umbrellas” via flipside‘s flickr photostream | creative-commons notice

Somehow the FNN’s video report failed to mention that Typhoon Roke leaves 12 dead, 4 missingNHK WORLD English |Friday, September 23, 2011 .

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