The ‘evil’ Sun Goddess of Japan caused the quake, tsunami & nuclear meltdown

C Peter WagnerA Leading Figure In The New Apostolic Reformation
National Public Radio | Oct. 3, 2011
On the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan being connected to the emperor of Japan having sex with the sun goddess:
“That happened many, many years ago, and that created a spiritual atmosphere over Japan which was an atmosphere ruled by the powers of darkness. The sun goddess is not a very nice lady. The sun goddess is a power of darkness, which is headed up by the kingdom of Satan. And so the sun goddess wants natural disasters to come to Japanmore

The 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, Den4, comments:
So, having sex with the Sun Goddess caused the tsunami and nuke disaster, and the Sun Goddess is a power of darkness because he says so….
So remember, folks….watch out when your visit your local Shinto shrine because the Sun Goddess wants natural disasters to come to Japan because that’s what the dude believes….and he has “special powers” that gives him these insights…in other words….watch out for the Wackos…they are more numerous than the zombies out there…

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11 thoughts on “The ‘evil’ Sun Goddess of Japan caused the quake, tsunami & nuclear meltdown”

  1. I’m starting to think that the guy is just jealous that he wasn’t invited to the “get-together” with the Sun Goddess, so in true righteous manner of the Holier-than-thou crowd, the Sun Goddess has to be evil…..

  2. The above NPR story about “C. Peter Wagner” sounded like a hoax it was so nutty so I had to double-check. Yep, he’s “out there” alright.

    Wagner wrote about spiritual warfare, in books including Confronting the Powers: How the New Testament Church Experienced the Power of Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare and Engaging the Enemy. In Confronting the Powers, Wagner breaks down spiritual warfare as having three levels: “Ground Level: Person-to-person, praying for each other’s personal needs. Occult Level: deals with demonic forces released through activities related to Satanism, witchcraft, astrology and many other forms of structured occultism. Strategic-Level or Cosmic-Level: To bind and bring down spiritual principalities and powers that rule over governments.”

  3. F*ckin’ remarkable that you are keeping it real with the real story about those heathen gods.

  4. You think they will have that frozen entombment (BBC) done in time to save you from the radiation contamination? Does this have anything to do with hell freezing over. I think this is part of the greater Godzilla plan of the rising sun to take over the earth.
                    ~Sleep well whiteboy.

  5. Since Lady Barbara Judge was hired, things have only gone downhill for TEPCO. You noticed that, huh?

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