‘Swing Easy soda swell out the blow’ — Japanese Calpis Soda commercial

cowpis sperm band baseball
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15-second commercial on the official Calpis website.

Entitled “Swing Easy soda swell out the blow–Weird,” this Japanese TV commercial for Calpis Soda (which always sounds like ‘Cow Piss’ when I hear it) shows the bright blue skies at a high school baseball stadium. Google translate goes on to explain that:
In the school’s baseball game cheering surges because the 124 member Calpis band plays ‘a violent swing performance.’ Then is a burst of energy, the Calpis Soda band wearing polka dot tights just like the Calpis package raises the CM energy...or whatever.

Of course, before the Cowpis Band were the Durex Japan’s sperm boys. And, Prior Art to the Durex Japan sperm boys was the sperm scene in Woody Allen film’s Everything you wanted to know about sex.


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4 thoughts on “‘Swing Easy soda swell out the blow’ — Japanese Calpis Soda commercial”

  1. Damn, I’m getting senile. I totally forgot that I have already posted jokes about “Cow Piss” before, meh.

    Ah yes, the Great Cow Piss Conundrum…

    For some strange reason, Calpis, which is a milky vanilla-flavored yogurt soft drink, had to be rebranded with the “Calpico” trademark in Latin America and Asian. Doesn’t Calpico sound better than Cow Piss?

    domokun drinks calpico not calpis

    original calpis vs kitty calpito
    Certainly, Kitty Calpico looks better than the original Darkie Calpris (as explained in Wikipedia).

    Also in the same theme of unfortunately-named Japanese drinks, be sure to check out Suck down a cool can of “Mucos”?

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