Japan is Number 1 in Inflatable Water Sports!!

WIth Japan’s primacy in love doll technologies (3Yen/2010-12-26), it was only a matter of time before Japan would be No. 1 in inflatable sports* events such as this year’s inflatable rafting championship being held in Costa Rica …

Japan's team rafts the rapids in the down-river competition to win the 2011 World Rafting Championships east of San Jose Costa Rica on the 10th of October—daylifeREUTERSpictures

* Buy your own inflatable racy racing raft-cum-companion at Jlist.com

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7 thoughts on “Japan is Number 1 in Inflatable Water Sports!!”

  1. Yes Soviet Supreme sama, you know reality without the falsities of the hegemony of Japanese running dogs of AmeriKa.
    The True Spirit of Marxist-Leninist Superiority cannot be defeated by runty Japanese lackeys of moribund capitalism!

    love-doll rafts japan vs russia

  2. This is another reason why the Japanese are superior to all other humans.

  3. Ohio man cuffed AGAIN for shagging inflatable pool raft
    In deep water for persistent plastic-bothering===
    The Register, 16 Jun 2014 by Lester Haines
    The Ohio plastic lover arrested back in 2011 for engaging in “sexual activity” with a pink inflatable swimming pool raft has been cuffed again for the same offence.
    Edwin Tobergta, 35, was taken into custody on Wednesday after witnesses claimed to have clocked him naked and “performing simulated sex acts with a pink raft” on the side of a public highway in Hamilton.
    According to WKRC, he was charged with “public indecency and contempt of court”, the latter for previously failing to show up before the beak on other charges.
    Indeed, Tobergta was hauled into court last year for a “similar” pool raft outrage, this time in front of a mother and her eight-year-old daughter.

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