Everyday in Harajuku is Halloween

The illustrious blog, “Hello Kitty Hell,” describes that this, japanese-typographic-leftHello Kitty mummy cosplay model confirms, without a doubt, that Hello Kitty supports eating disorders.japanese-typographic-right


View more Harajuku Halloween* fashion photos at Laforet.ne.jp…HalloweenKitty…snaps

Embiggen to the full-sized photo, 311 × 1038 px.

* Fashionwise, everyday in Harajuku is Halloween.

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6 thoughts on “Everyday in Harajuku is Halloween”

  1. Japanese pumpkins are more compact and have a different color than those in the West…

  2. Looks like the cute little lolita gals are begging for some “candy” or enjoy-kosai. Let’s enjoying.

  3. The small ghost in the top photo and the lolitas have earned this article a 100% Pedobear stamp of approval.

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