Japan. Endless…

Japanese loooooove slogans. As as the 3Yen has reported over the years, the Japan Tourism Agency has some of the most inscrutable marketing slogans such as, “Yokoso Japan(3Yen / 2007-07-17) and “JAPAN NEXT(3Yen / 2011-09-15).

VISIT radioactive JAPAN 2011

Today I happened to notice that the Tourism Agency has added a new “Big welcome” slogan to their “Japan. Endless discovery. campaign along with the radiation and disaster “Safety Japan” information.

JAPAN endless discovery logo slogan

That “Endless” theme started me thinking of alternative slogans Japan could be using since full recovery from the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown could take up to 30 years (VOAnews.com).

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8 thoughts on “Japan. Endless…”

  1. WW wrote:
    Did you notice that in the uppermost righthand corner of the Japan Tourism website there’s a navigation button for “→About VJ →Sitemap”. That “VJ” must be like VJ Day (Victory over Japan Day), ha, ha.

    That’s a good one about “VJ Day” being featured prominently on the Japan Tourism site (but it’s an understandable stumble since the Japanese don’t like to think about it).


  2. I became excited in thinking that Japanese Tourist Authority was offering free “VJ” —free “Vag. Jobs” that is, the female equivalent of a BJ (Blow Job).

    Urban Dictionary: VJ
    The term VJ (Vag. Job) refers to the female equivalent of a BJ (Blow Job). Giving a VJ is also known as perfoming cunnilingus. VJ is often used in place of cunnilingus due to its concise nature.
    –Colleen: “Hey, since I gave you a BJ, I expect a VJ in return.”
    –Jeff: “Hell no, thats not part of our arrangement.”

    Urban Dictionary: V.J.
    A slang term for the female reproductive organ, directly derived from the word ‘vagina’.
    —The baby came out of her V.J.

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