Scrooged by Coca Cola Japan

SantaScrooge arrived early this year at my neighborhood Coke machine. Plastered on the side of my Coke Machine was this tacky poster of SantaScrooge hawking his wares weeks before Thanksgiving (November 24th is traditionally the “official” start of the Xmas season).

japanese santa-coke poster on the side of the machine

Long-time 3Yen reader, Coligny has noticed a new scam by Coke Japan:
I just discovered that a schwweeet deal of 128 yen per [PET] bottle was in fact for 1.25 liter bottles instead of the standard 1.5 liter bottle.

bottle can 300 ml coke japanI noticed the same problem at my train station at Denenchofu/Tamagawa just outside downtown Tokyo. The Coke Grinch has downsized all the carbonated soft drinks from the standard 350ml (12oz) cans to the fashionable 300ml “bottle can” (see left) or the ridiculous 250 ml can (see below) of the bad old days of Japan while maintaining the standard 120 yen ($1.56 USD) price.

Standard 350 ml (12 oz) can - VS -Japanese 200 ml (6.76 oz) can

Way, waaaaaaay back in the day before the 1990, Japanese vending machines only offered ridiculous 200-250ml steel cans of carbonated soft drinks for 100-120 yen

180-ml-can-coke← Tiny 6 oz (180 ml) cans were also sold on rail platforms from 1970-1990 at full price.

coke-1964 ← Japan had 6.75 oz (200 ml) mico-bottles before 1970.

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