Japanese Xmas toys for boys…

I just noticed that “Breast Chaser Galvion” turned up in my RSS feed* this morning just in time for the start of the Christmas toy-buying season in Japan.

chasers toy japan retro
Retro toy available via Amazon.com

The rest-of-the-story about Galvion was that the “Lonely Chaser” was supposed to be a TV anime and toy-driven franchise for Takatoku Toys following the Transformers format. However, the TV production company and the toy company itself both went bankrupt. According to the website, Anime Classic Reviews, the Takatoku Toys never sold the Chaser but, “Model kits were released, however years later by other third party companies, which to this day can still be bought.” (More info.)

—Idea thanks for the “Breast Chaser Galvion” to the TOKYO SCUM BRIGADE

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6 thoughts on “Japanese Xmas toys for boys…”

  1. breast grabber

    Actually, it’s impossible to determine whether “Breast Chaser Galvion” is just misspelling of ‘Beast Chaser’.

    Others on the Internet have postulated that “Breast Chaser” was supposed to be ‘Burst Chaser’, but in the Japanese Katakana phonetic writing “breast’ sounds and looks almost the same ‘burst’.

  2. Currat0rs have found that the Anvil of the Vikings could do the same thing.

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