Drunk cats threaten the Tokyo Metro trains!

BIO-TERROR ALERT: The Tokyo Metro has put up posters warning about drunk felines dripping with bio-waste cat gack and passed out on the train platforms and subway seats.

Yes, it’s that time of year again in Japan for the end-of-year drinking parties—the infamous Bonekai. In previous years, Tokyo Metro posters warned of the official start of the Projectile Vomiting Season more graphically such as…

train-poster vomit
—Tokyo Metro—

The holiday vomiting poster is one of the monthly series of “Manner” [sic] propaganda on the Tokyo Metro system as the railways brace for onslaught of holiday-season drunks (Japan Times).

Japanese language note:
Bonenkai bonenkai-japanese-kanji, literally
means “forget the year gathering.”

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9 thoughts on “Drunk cats threaten the Tokyo Metro trains!”

  1. FIFY

    The sign used to read no chewing “gum” (ガム — ga-mu). Now it is switched around to read no “muka-muku” (ムカムカ) meaning puking.

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