Hi-tech toilet anxiety . . . in Japan of course

The first time a foreigner encounters a hi-tech Japanese toilet is always amusing. In the following video, a foreign fellow is flummoxed by all the fun-tech.

The first sink with the pink liquid soap dispenser is a sink for baby diaper changing and for cleaning off babies. Handicapped bathrooms get used more for diaper changing than by the handicapped. This sink is like a heavy-duty French bidet but it has a mighty flush (in case some crazy person tries to put a diaper down it).

Japanese Toilet......wow - YouTube

Next is a Japanese squirting toilet with a heated seat and butt blow drying function. The heated seat is very common in Japan because the Japanese haven’t invented central heating. The controls of this Japanese toilet are somewhat off-set in a non-intuitive place—Normally the controls are located right next to the toilet seat.

Japanese Toilet......wow - YouTube

Finally you can see on the left is a small hand washing sink. Above that sink is a row of buttons that control the Japanese bidet toilet. On the right of the screenshot is the manual flush button (the toilet has an auto-flush sensor) and an emergency alarm button to summon help.

Japanese Toilet wow   YouTube

The layout of this particular toilet is rather jumbled and Japanese folks also get confused on how to use all the functions. Often the staff in charge of the toilet have to print out additional instructions and tape them on the wall. If you notice the “Stop” button for squirting and the “Emergency call” button are both orange-red in color and Japanese old people (and foreigners) are always pushing wrong button.

Whatever you do, be sure not to press

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20 thoughts on “Hi-tech toilet anxiety . . . in Japan of course”

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    Loco in Yokohama locoinyokohama.com / 2013Oct22
    For one, when you find yourself using the toilet for the physically disabled because the one western toilet for teachers is occupied, you won’t press the green button with the strange kanji on it, setting off an alarm around the school and have half the faculty racing to your stall breathlessly asking if “you’re alright in there?” more...

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  2. 55. Space Toilet
    Teach Yourself Japanese: The Eddie Trombone Case | 2014/06/21
    I began to look nervously around the lavatorial cockpit.
    On the right arm, where Star Trek’s Captain Kirk had a switch for shooting lasers at approaching Klingon ships, there was a row of buttons that activated streams of water at different strengths and temperatures and with great precision towards targets illustrated with some ambiguity by blue and pink circles, triangles, squiggly lines, and humanlike silhouettes. Below this row was a large red button with a dot in the middle that I was afraid to touch but suppose put into play some sort of doomsday function that would detonate the chair should there be some threat to national security or problem with the toilet paper

  3. Easy, peasy, Japanesey.
    Just look at the icons and push your need….NOT.

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