Like coal in their stockings, the Japanese get Gaga for Christmas

lady gaga christmas tree on saturday night live
And, it came for Christmas!

As if the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuke Meltdown was not enough, Japan gets Gaga for Christmas.
Lady Gaga landed at Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo late on December 20, 2011 as shown in the photos below. According to MTV News, Lady Gaga is in Japan to perform on Japanese television. The Gaga told MTV News:“I'll be in Japan right up until Christmas day… I'll be eating with all my Japanese Little Monsters.”
gaga landed japan christmas
gaga - japan
season 37 episode 10

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4 thoughts on “Like coal in their stockings, the Japanese get Gaga for Christmas”

  1. Crap.

    Gaga wore that “hair bow” two years ago*.

    Has she run out of ideas?

    Nope, she’s run out of hair.

    She’s wearing that hair bow to cover up the fact that she is going bald. Lady Gaga recently said that she is using Rogaine to counter hair loss from coloring her hair too many times.

    Lady Gaga revisits the bow in her hair  Has she finally run out of ideas? | Mail Online
    Refer to: Lady Gaga Uses Rogaine to Treat Hair Loss.

  2. It is well known that Japan is the place where fashion, DVDs, and rock stars come to die a long and slow death.

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