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Robot-brushing your pussy via telepresence?

Using a Nao robot, a Kinect sensor bar, two Wii remotes, a head-mounted display, and a treadmill, this video shows a comatose (doped?) kitty in a crappy Japanese kitchen is brushed by telepresence by its creator, Taylor Veltrop. He plans next to use this telepresence rig from Paris to, “interact with my in-laws back in Japan”

Although only having to interact with your in-laws via a robot is a cool idea, this telepresence robot would a hell of a lot better if it could change the cat’s toxic litter box.


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8 Responses to “Robot-brushing your pussy via telepresence?”

  1. derp Says:

    “Robot-brushing your pussy via telepresence” sounds like Teledildonics to me!

  2. Robot Kitty Says:

    In Japan you can never have enough Robot Kitty!

  3. someothergaijin Says:

    Obviously someone has way, waaaaaayyyyy too much time on theirs hands.

  4. spinmonkey Says:

    you can brush the pussy, you can brush it all day… but can you feeeeeeeeel the pussy… can you?

  5. HojoCola Says:

    It definitely seems so. clartion that the experisters have rosettlized fourication.
    Great bloggie by the way!

  6. sexsexsex Says:

    Hey, 1′d like t0 fcuk. Send me an e-mail and we can get t0gether!

  7. Mulboyne quoted Says:

    Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne, just tweeted that in the 1970s there was a Japanese girl group called the ‘PUSSIES‘ hee, hee.


  8. Really Unnecessary Fluffer Says:

    This cat is less than thrilled by the new Japanese robo-maid…


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