Vacuum-packed Japanese

As though life in Japan is not packed enough, Japanese photographer “hal” has decided to make Tokyo life even tighter by vacuum-packing Japanese couples…

pinpq omco ringo inga plastic-wrapped by hal
flesh love' by photographer “hal”

tokyo-based artist photographer hal has created the 'flesh love' series. his body of work explores the concept of worldly love through couples. in 'flesh love', hal pulls the lovers so near to one another that they transform into a single being–a vacuum-sealed pack of love. the artist wraps blankets the models with a plastic sheet in which he removes the air from to bond the lover togethermore...

available now

These vacuum-packed Japanese are nearly as much fun as my previous 3Yen post of August 11, 2010 about Hello Kitty in latex and Roy Orbison in Clingfilm

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8 thoughts on “Vacuum-packed Japanese”

  1. Very interesting entry, thank you!I am sorry that your peers view you as not Japanese Hopefully their opinion (and Japan’s) will change over time.This is a very intriguing photo that is with this article, since Shirota Yuu is half Japanese and half Spaniard. I’m pretty sure that this is no coincidence.

  2. Ok, ok, which ones you pervs did this art photo series? Confess.


    Shrink-Wrapped Couples in Japan are a Terrifying New Type of Mesmerizing Art | 2016/12/02
    Unlike the first art series {exhibited several years ago}, the focus of Kawaguchi’s latest vacuum-packed human art is quite ambitious. He tries to shoot couples from all walks of life, from strippers to businessmen to the unemployed.
    “Those in power are continually guilty of segregation and discrimination. Can we realize peace under such conditions?”


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