Japanese ‘Fukking’ contest

Check out the official URL ↓ of this FUKKING Japanese contest…


Miss Japan forgets her clothing at her send-off to the Miss Universe competition
What is even cooler than the URL is that this FUKKING* contest of mens’ abdominal fitness will be judged by the famous Ines Ligron who orchestrated all of Japan’s Miss Universe successes in recent years such as:
Miss Universe in ninja high heels (3Yen / 2006-07-19),
The ‘making’ of Miss Japan (3Yen / 2010-03-14),
Japan’s wins Miss Universe 2007! (3Yen / 2007-05-29), etc.

*FUKKING note: A quirk of the Japanese language makes the sound “Fu” and “Hu” the same resulting in this interesting contest name. The Japanese word for ‘abs’ and sit-ups sounds like “hooking” (fukking.kanji listen) more like than ‘Fukking,’ but the contest organizers wanted the nuance of “King” in the contest name.

Learn more at the offical FUKKING.jp website (Google Translate).

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4 thoughts on “Japanese ‘Fukking’ contest”

  1. Bah, here’s better fukking …”Curvy Dancing.”

    “Curvy Dancing” prepares Fujiwara for marathon
    Reuters | TOKYO | Mon Mar 12, 2012 — The hip-shaking Japanese fitness fad of curvy dancing helped marathon runner Arata Fujiwara to qualify for the London Olympics.
    Hiromi Kashiki, the creator of the popular dance style based on highly suggestive hip-gyrating movements, says Fujiwara, who visited her studio for a one-on-one workout the day before last month's Tokyo Marathon, is a natural
    Fujiwara said: “Up till now I've been really bad at using my hips effectively. After I got some lessons from Kashiki and her curvy dancing my running style dramatically improved.”

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