SONY’s latest fembot dampdream

Ms. Kara is SONY’s latest fembot (not) who exhibits all the pathos the Japanese otaku would love to have…and who would be much more enjoyable than the previous post of ‘Asian’ love (3Yen / 2012-03-14) .

fem bot

Other 3Yen fembot reports include:

We are the robots, boop, beep, beep, beeeeep…
(3Yen / 2010-10-18)

Japan forces fembots to sing for their supper
(3Yen / 2010-10-15/)

‘Fashion model robot’ without clothes
(3Yen / 2009-03-17)

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8 thoughts on “SONY’s latest fembot dampdream”

  1. Several of these replies on this post are gibberish: You should delete them.

  2. Tereasa writes:
    Several of these replies on this post are garbage…

    At least the gibberishy comments are funny (unlike your spambot reply).

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