Y.B.F. film about ‘Asian’ love

The funny folks over on Boing2 are arguing about a Wall Street Journal review about validity of Y.B.F.—Yellow Beaver Fever—in a new documentary “Seeking Asian Female*.”

WSJ... Debbie Lum’s documentary about white guys romantically fixated on Asian women—specifically, one white guy, and his quest to marry the Asian lady of his dreams. The film debuted this week at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, and follows the story of Steven, “a 60-year-old, twice-divorced white male with an uncanny resemblance to Aussie actor Geoffrey Rush and a case of yellow fever bordering on the terminal.” ...more…
seeking asian female film at seekingasianfemale.com

The funnest thing about this “Yellow Fever” film is that here in Japan, a large portion of the women (30%?) are gai-curious, that is, they are “curious” about gaijin/foreigners from Western lands.
Learn more at the film’s website, seekingasianfemale.com.

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6 thoughts on “Y.B.F. film about ‘Asian’ love”

  1. I love Senor Coconut….

    As to YBF, the same kind of documentary could be made about men of [insert color here] liking women of [insert color here] and I think there are quite a lot more interesting combinations than white sea bass chasing yellowtail. I’d totally watch a documentary on Asian men who have a thing for black womens.

  2. fapgaijinfap wrote:
    Masturbating to this one was a piece of cake.

    Sheesh, cum on now.

    ‘Cum’ up to her eyeballs.

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