Let them eat rice… radioactive rice

Japan’s efforts to the battle plague of old people—two Japanese will be retired for every three persons working*— has resulted in some creative thinking for using the elderly as radiation waste dumps for all the unsold, glow-in-the-dark, radioactive rice from areas around the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.


Seniors urged to eat Fukushima rice to help farmers, protect young people
The Japan Times | Tuesday, March 20, 2012
A Tokyo senior is waging an individual effort to get elderly people to eat rice grown in Fukushima Prefecture to help local farmers struggling with rumors that their crops are radioactive, and to make sure the grain isn't consumed by more vulnerable younger generationsmore

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6 thoughts on “Let them eat rice… radioactive rice”

  1. i cant understand why the govt doesn’t step in and order a halt on production in that area…

    a simple “in this area is a no no… and if you do then blah blah will happen”

    but no… let people stay in the no-go-zone and allow production in a radioactive area…



  2. Nuclear Industry Says Back on Track After 
    Fukushima `Speed Bump’

    Within months of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the worst in 25 years, Germany, Belgium and Italy vowed to quit atomic energy. Twelve months on, the nuclear industry says it’s almost back to business as usual.
    “Fukushima put a speed bump on the road to the nuclear renaissance,” Ganpat Mani, president of Converdyn, a company that processes mined uranium, said at a nuclear industry summit in Seoul last week. “It’s not going to delay the programs around the world.”
    …more via – Nuclear Free Japan.

  3. So, the government is saying that the old folks should throw themselves on the radioactive hand grenade rice to save the children. Might also cut into the social security payouts. Not many pensioners will live to be 115, if they start eating glow-in-the-dark rice at age 75.

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