Steve Seagal teaches the world

On network television’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” listen to 7th degree black belt Aikido master, Steven Seagal, once again take credit for teaching the MMA champions Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida the basic front kick—The Crane Kick made famous by Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid back in 1984, ha, ha.

Steven Seagal Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live—March 26, 2012

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7 thoughts on “Steve Seagal teaches the world”

  1. Notice how Master Lardbutt never gets off the couch to teach the world that front kick.

  2. Shia Labeouf Says Steven Seagal Was an Inspiration via | 2012-27-27
    When most people think of Transformers actor Shia Labeouf they probably don’t think of legendary action-star Steven Seagal but when Labeouf was a kid, it was Seagal who the burgeoning actor wanted to be.
    In an interview … Labeouf… talked about his movie idol:
    “I would watch Steven Seagal movies and go into my room and try to beat my little teddy bear up, thinking I was him. And I would pull my curls back into a Seagal ponytail—which looked ridiculous, but I tried”...more...

    This VICE magazine report by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete lists and explains in amusing detail the following faux-pas of Seagal:

  4. He makes wacko “poonani” music.
  5. He’s a compulsive liar
  6. He poops on himself in public.
  7. He runs like Phoebe from Friends
  8. He killed a couple of puppies and 112 chickens on his reality show.
  9. He’s said to have employed sex slaves.
  10. He takes himself serious.
  11. He has his own brand of a super-crappy energy drink.
  12. His freaky-fake hair is a joke.
  13. He has a bulletproof kimono.
  14. _________________
    Read more at VICE magazine

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