Geeks Peeps! Japan’s Kobayashi chops toxic yellow…

Five-time, Nathan’s hotdog chomping champ, Takeru Kobayashi (3Yen / 2005-07-04) tackles the greatest non-food food in the history of man, toxic yellow Peeps (left), in his latest Easter eating challenge.

Link to the Peep-geeking challenge in a disgusting Facebook video…
peep-eating  Kobayashi vs buzzfeed..
Eater-in-residence takes on World Competitive Eating Champion Takeru Kobayashi in an Easter eating race to down the most marshmallow Peeps in 30 seconds.

Mo’ betta peeps eats….
peeps eating japanese babe od
Tip-of-the-hat to for news of the Peeps eats.

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7 thoughts on “Geeks Peeps! Japan’s Kobayashi chops toxic yellow…”

  1. I like you use the traditional meaning of “geek” in this post, ha, ha.

    GEEK noun \ˈgēk\

    : a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake

    Origin of GEEK
    probably from English dialect geek, geck fool, from Low German geck, from Middle Low German

  2. I just had a Revelation/brainfart…
    Is it even legal to sell toxic Peeps outside the US?
    Besides Canada, is there any place where people dare to eat them?
    peeps candy gif animation

  3. Is competitive eating a sport? | June 9, 2014
    …Academics debate whether competitive eating is a sport or a spectacle. “There is something about the notion of eating performatively under a short period of time that brought a community together. It’s a very strange concept

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