Gloomy’s gotta new gig

Gloomy Bear’s fame has fallen forcing him to take a job as a victim/stunt double with the Tokyo Metro. I spotted this new series of Tokyo subway “manners” posters* that has started in April, the beginning of the new Japanese fiscal year.

gloomy bear animated

As I explained in Gloomy Bear’s bloody Christmas (3Yen / 12/22/2006) , way, waaay back in his heydays, Gloomy Bear was a fun-loving, pink bear that ate humans and excessively cute characters produced by Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, et al (Wiki). Sadly, Gloomy’s decline has forced him to find a day job with more security—In a lame disguise, he’s now campaigning for better Tokyo Metro train manners.

Out with the old gloomy bear (L), and in with the new Ambiguous Bear© (R)!

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