US Coast Guard sinks Japanese pirate ship!

US Coast Guard Sinks Japanese Ghost Ship
fauxABC News | 2012/April/06
The U.S. Coast Guard fired its guns on a derelict Japanese spy pirate fishing boat today, sinking it to the bottom of the ocean after it was decided it wasn’t worth towing for salvage
The Japanese ship, Ryou-Un Maru, floated across the Pacific Ocean after it was ripped from its moorings by the tsunami last March. It is floating roughly 195 miles south of Sitka in the Gulf of Alaskamore...

View a news video of the ghost/spy/pirate ship in the Comments section…

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4 thoughts on “US Coast Guard sinks Japanese pirate ship!”

  1. MARKed TRAIL wrote:
    Hey, that’s not a spy ship—It’s the One Piece pirate ship!

    Ok, ok, I changed the title.

    Here are news videos about the evil, radioactive, Japanese Ghost/Pirate/Spy ship!

  2. the vessel belonged to a fishing company in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. It had been used for squid fishing before being put up for sale because of it’s advanced age. It has no lights or communication systems

    Me smells an insurance jobbie. It was stripped of all it’s valuables and sent off to see post tsunami. They probably even siphoned off the gas first.

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