Japan’s homeboy still crazy after all these years

Wo0t! Japan’s homeboy© Steven Seagal is having his 60th birthday* today!
doll-boy steven seagal
*: Wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Seagal

into the sun steven seagalMoar!~

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  1. Clips From Friday: Steven Seagal on still being “dangerous” Steven Seagal, Ponytail Turn 60
    On Friday evening, “Piers Morgan Tonight” rolled out the red carpet in a Hollywood-themed show, as Steven Seagal joined the
    program for a face-to-face interview.
    Piers Morgan Tonight — CNN

  2. On Steven Seagal's hair: “Steven Seagal. Just looking at that hair. It's like what the fuck happened to that guy's head? Looks like a possum died on his fucking head. It looks like a possum tried to fuck his head and died, mid act.”

    —via Eater National:The Quotable Bourdain

    The Count of the Muppets’ hair vs Steven Seagal's

    ….it looks like Steven Seagal is wearing some kind of Davy Crockett hat or maybe a beret…Okay, maybe he’s just wearing a toupé. However, the guy is rich enough, so maybe he has undergone a hair transplant. Using hair from a dog.

    —via pidde-andersson.xomba.com:
    The Mystery of Steven Seagal’s Hair

  3. Shia Labeouf Says Steven Seagal Was an Inspiration
    Reelzchannel.com via IMdB.com | 2012-27-27
    When most people think of Transformers actor Shia Labeouf they probably don’t think of legendary action-star Steven Seagal but when Labeouf was a kid, it was Seagal who the burgeoning actor wanted to be.
    In an interview … Labeouf… talked about his movie idol:
    “I would watch Steven Seagal movies and go into my room and try to beat my little teddy bear up, thinking I was him. And I would pull my curls back into a Seagal ponytail—which looked ridiculous, but I tried”...more...

  4. seagal-was-the-worst ..

    Best and Worst ‘SNL’ Hosts
    WORST 1. Steven Seagal
    The No. 1 pick for worst “SNL” host comes straight from the mouth of the show’s creator. Lorne Michaels revealed his pick for the worst host during Nicolas Cage’s 1992 monologue. Cage joked, “They probably think I’m the biggest jerk who’s ever been on the show!” Michaels responded, “No, no. That would be Steven Seagal.”

  5. Twits of a feather, flock together.

    (Birther fruitcake Sheriff Joe Arpaio* and twit-twat Steven Seagal at the Arizona Birdbrain Republican’s Fall Festival in Mesa, Arizona)

    Steven Seagal & Joe Arpaio
    Joe Arpaio & Steven Seagal
    by Gage Skidmore
    , on flickr

  6. Colombia firm makes bullet-proof kid clothes
    AFP | Jan. 2, 2013
    BOGOTA –
    Miguel Caballero has been making bullet-proof clothes for politicians and other bigwigs for 20 years…
    …Carolina Ballesteros, Caballero's director of research and development, said…
    The company makes uniforms for security forces and suits for public figures in many countries, she said.
    “Three royal families in the Middle East are customers of ours. We made a bullet-proof kimono for the American actor Steven Seagal. Our experience is beyond question,” Ballesteros said.

    seagal bulletproof kimono

    A bullet-proof kimono? Can you imagine your desire to wear kimonos being so strong that you’d demand to wear one even while you were potentially being shot at? During which other activities does Steven Seagal demand to stay in-kimono? Snorkeling? Sky diving? Parasailing? Actually, I think I answered my own question there. Steven Seagal would absolutely wear a bulletproof kimono while parasailing. As always, Steven Seagal’s real life is as ridiculous as his movies, possibly because he can’t tell the difference. In fact, “Bulletproof Kimono” would make a great name for a Steven Seagal movie. Wait no, check that, the title needs three words. Let’s go with “Under Bulletproof Kimono.”

    via filmdrunk.uproxx.com : Steven Seagal owns a bulletproof kimono

  7. Seagal has a new TV series “coming out”: Steven Seagal, undercover cop.

    Steven Seagal, undercover cop

  8. taro wrote:
    Steven Seagal, undercover cop.

    More like ‘Under the Covers with Steven Seagal’

    Steven Seagal, undercover cop

    Better yet, how about, ‘Send The Seagal to an Alternate Universe to Protect the Innocent’?

  9. “The Colbert Report” had fun with the news of the “actor” Steven Seagal’s plans to train volunteers to form armed posses to patrol Phoenix schools (WashingtonPost 2013/02/16) …

    Click to play on Comedy Central website.
    seagal leading arizona gun posse colbert report
    colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report…february-12-2013/Arizona’s Gun Posse

    said-openFilling our schools with gun-toting guys who have nowhere to be during work hours might give some parents pause but rest assured, mom and dad, these volunteer posses are getting top-notch training… The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is an even worse actor. We know Hollywood violence is the real problem. Therefore it is also the solution. It’s just like fighting fire with fire. If your house is on fire, call an arsonist. He’ll know what to do.said-closed

    おまけ/omake bonus :
    steven seagal the king of gay porn
    steven seagal - the game - japan

  10. Actor Steven Seagal claims Liam Neeson ‘can’t fight like real action movie guys’
    independent.ie / 03 June 2014
    Seagal, best remembered for his roles in Under Siege and The Patriot, made a dig at Neeson saying, “Liam’s not an action movie guy at all.“
    Seagal (62) said that while Neeson (61) is a great dramatic actor, he is not a great fighter or warrior.
    The fading movie star said that new technologies in the movie industry have reduced the need for authentic action heroes like himself:
    “People don’t have to be an action guy or a hero or a martial artist- they get up there and let everybody spend the money and the time with special effects.”
    Neeson…keeps fit and healthy with regular boxing sessions, having taken up the sport at the age of nine.
    Neeson was once Ulster amateur boxing champion, and competed in almost 50 fights.

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