Japan’s new weapon of mass destruction—The Bacon Bomb

Wanna have FIFTEEN pieces of bacon on your burger?
Japan’s Burger King* is offering 15 pieces of bacon for 100 yen ($1.23 USD) rather than the standard 60 yen ($0.74 USD) for three pieces according to @laurelRinkya.

burger king japan 15-strips bacon hamburger campaign..

But hey, why not go the whole hog?
One Japanese guy decided that 15 strips of bacon for 100 yen was such a great value, he ordered the bacon burger special with 1,050 pieces of bacon and then proceeded to eat it at home.

rocketnews24.com | Google Translate
a f*cking mountain of bacon burger… 1,050 pieces of bacon…about 14,300kcal….for around 7,000 yen...more

burger king japan 1050 strips of bacon hamburger ..

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8 thoughts on “Japan’s new weapon of mass destruction—The Bacon Bomb”

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  2. “Bacon Bomb”?



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