Yikes ukiyo-e!

The 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, “Den4″ just sent me a heads-up from the modern ukiyo-e artist, Jed Henry. Below is plate two entitled “Nintendo Samurai,” which is part of on an ongoing series featuring Nintendo-themed, Japanesque neoUkiyo-e. Find more of Henry’s work at:http://jedhenry.tumblr.com.

Nintendo Samurai…

Modern ukiyo-e

technically this guy is Capcom, but he’s too cool to leave out!  Can you guess which bosses I included?

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To learn more, refer to wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukiyo-e

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3 thoughts on “Yikes ukiyo-e!”

  1. WOW. Thank you for sharing. I never knew this could happen. Good wake up call!

  2. Truth from the last remaining Font of Truthfulness…

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