Godzilla travel planning

Godzilla and kaiju-tachi plan Taro’s return flight to Japan on the 28th-29th.

Godzilla plans Taro's return flight to Japan.

(That is, Taro of the 3Yen is “in transit” for next 35 hours and therefore the 3Yen will not have any posts or comments approved for the next day or so.)

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4 thoughts on “Godzilla travel planning”

  1. Godzilla and kaiju-tachi plan Taro’s return flight…

    Kaiju-tachi” means ‘monster friends’ in Japanese.

    (Kaiju = monster | Tachi = friends)

  2. this is s0meth1ng 1 have never ever read.very detailed analys1s of Godzilla travel plans the guise of wanting to save Japan from Godzilla’s devastation.
    Did you kown that The Futurians travel back to 1944 to transport a Japanese soldier to thwart the nuclear bombing of Japan?

  3. godzilla-statue

    Searching For Godzilla
    DAY 344: …
    I walked to the first street map I found on a sidewalk when I exited from the JR stop near Ginza. I looked all over for an icon or label, thinking the statue would at least be some local pop culture shrine or something noted on the map, but there was nothing. The map directed me to an information stand down the block but when I walked over, it was just another street map, also with no sign of Godzilla.
    There was a cop nearby and I asked him a question using the extent of my Japanese: “Godzilla wa doko?” (“Where is Godzilla?”)

    Of course, the author might have had better luck finding the statue if he had used “Gojira”, our magnificent monster’s real name.

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