Japanese ‘Train Manners’ spread Down Under!

google search tokyo train manners posters news.3yen.com ..

train-manners-navigation As you can see in the above Google Image Search and in the navigation column on the right, the Tokyo Metro’s “Train Manners” posters are a continual source of amusement to the 3Yen, especially the classic “Please do it at home” series by the Japanese graphics artist, Bunpei Yorifuj, (3Yen / 2009-08-06).

You can imagine my delight in seeing the Queensland Rail in Australia has decided to copy the Japanese poster campaign for train manners as tweeted by “Durf” below.

train manners  Please do it at home Twitter  Durf

queensland-rail train etiquette durf tweet

Via twitter.com/Durf

UPDATE: Oops, I’ve been had!
Read the rest-of-the-story in the Comments…

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12 thoughts on “Japanese ‘Train Manners’ spread Down Under!”

  1. so…… it’s OK to wank….. just as long as your feet are on the floor and not the seat…..?

  2. Wanking on the train is not a crime as long as no one sees you. However in Japan, since avoiding eye contact mean staring at the floor this can be problematic.

  3. Here’s another way Australia has found to curb wanking on public transport besides their poster campaign—the emasculating Hello Kitty street car.

    hello kitty street car
    Via the Hello Kitty Hell blog where a larger photo can be viewed.

  4. Wow, didn’t expect this! I even see a JapanBump bneanr in the footer. Thanks ever so much! Let’s hope we can get more people coming here ^^By the way, my last name is Kemps0n but Temps0n sounds kind of cool :P Anyway, I’d best get your site up on the squadr0n list!

  5. Hey, now even the rude Frenchies are having a Metro manners campaign!

    the poster reads in translation:
    'Shoving 5 people out of the way, will not make you go any quicker.'

    rude french in subway metro poster

    Gallic Rudeness
    …a campaign poster in a Paris subway station. France, a country famed for its rudeness and Paris public transport has a summer-long publicity campaign poking fun at gallic incivility.
    –More via KOMONews | APnewsPhoto

    close-up paris metro manners poster

  6. M. Le Pew wrote:
    …stick a baguette up my butt…

    Er, um, so was it wasn’t good for you?
    Ok, try one of the other Paris Metro posters like
    sloth on paris metro..

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