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north korean flag waving
As Johnny Mountain* says:north korean weather report sunny every day johnny mountain

Korean Peninsula Faces Worst Drought in a Century
VOA News | June 26, 2012
Large parts of the Korean peninsula are battling the worst regional water shortages in more than a century, with reports of North Korean soldiers hand-carrying water to irrigate parched farmland
In the face of ongoing shortages, Pyongyang staged a controversial rocket launch earlier this year, in defiance of a United Nations prohibitions and drawing widespread international condemnation. In response, the United States canceled a deal under which Washington was to have provided 240,000 metric tons of emergency food supplies to the North

north korea is best corea
AP photo captioned: Dead fish on the cracked bed of a reserv0ir after m0nths of severe drought, Se0ul, South Korea, June 25, 2012.

taepodong rain north korean missile
Can Japan expect a Taepodong rain as the “Best” Korean peninsula faces its worst drought in a century?

More on the 3Yen’s direct encounter with a Taepodong rain of missiles at:
Kim launches his big Taepodong (3Yen / 2009-02-03).


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30 Responses to “Best Korea: EVERYTHING SUNNY ALL THE TIME…”

  1. Taro 3Yen Says:

    *Reference for Johnny Mountain’s North Korean weather report…

    johnny mountain weather report north korea

    See the original “Best Korea” Internet meme here on Google Image Search…


  2. George A. Says:

    Oh this is just f*&king great. It is almost July 4th, which is North Korea’s favorite day for launching their missiles at the US bases in Japan, AND the North Koreans are starving again, which means they feel neglected and want to gain some attention.

  3. Luxury Bus Driver Says:

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  4. GdC (via) Says:

    With the number of people who will die again because of this crap…

    I dun’t find this funnay…

    at all…

  5. SDH (via) Says:

    I dun’t find this funnay…
    at all…

    One of the saddest aspects of all this is that North Korea doesn’t have oil…would have ended the starvation decades ago.

  6. Song Lee Says:

    In the year 2002, the glorious students of the Supreme Leader outscored the evil renegade Japan dunces on the TOEFL test.

    This makes Japan the worst Asian country in speaking, reading and writing Engrish.

  7. el Cheapo Says:

    Did you see the yesterday that Kim Jong-un—who had learn from his brother the hard way*—that going to Tokyo Disneyland isn’t happening, so the Glorious Supreme Leader decided to kidnap all the characters instead?

    It’s a small world after all: Disney characters take North Korean stage in show for Kim | Associated Press, July 9 PYONGYANG, North Kore — In this image from North Korea’s KRT video footage, North Korea’s new Moranbong band and performers dressed as America’s cartoon characters perform in Pyongyang, North Korea, Friday, July 6, 2012. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh took the stage for new leader Kim Jong Un, in an unusual performance featuring Disney characters in North Korea.
    Performers dressed as Minnie Mouse, Tigger and others danced and pranced as footage from “Snow White,” ‘’Dumbo,” ‘’Beauty and the Beast” and other Disney movies played on a massive backdrop, according to still photos shown on state TV.
    The inclusion of characters popular in the West—particularly from the United States, North Korea’s wartime enemy—is a notable change in direction for performances in Pyongyang…
    …Kim himself established the group that performed, and the changes may be a sign that he is seeking to carve out a different image from his father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il, by easing restrictions on Western culture, said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korean studies professor based in Seoul, South Korea…
    …This appears to be the first time Disney characters have been included in a major performance in Pyongyang, though Winnie and Mickey have been popular among children for several years. Backpacks, pencil cases and pajamas imported from China often feature Disney characters, and stories such as “Dumbo” have been translated into Korean for North Korean schoolchildren. However, it is unusual to make such images a central part of a North Korean performance and publicize them on state TV.< Zenia Mucha, chief spokesperson for The Walt Disney Co., said the use of Disney characters in the North Korean performance was not authorized by the U.S. entertainment company

  8. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Here’s the video of the cheeky Commie characters.

  9. I buy all my facebook friends Says:

    Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say that anyone who dares to insult the dignity of North Korea will not be tolerated under the heavens!

  10. Princess Tutu Says:

    Hi! My name is Princess Tutu and I have enjoyed reading your Japan website.
    Once upon a time, I had a magic pendant but I lost it. Can you just try and come to look for it?

    japanese girl in tutu glitterfied

  11. Taro 3Yen Says:

    I looove your style Princess Tutu. ;-)

    japanese tutu girl

  12. FunnyPorker Says:

    LOL This Kim Jung-un post is pretty funny. Loooove it!

  13. Taro Says:

    Naughty Korea hits back at medal tally taunts | Aug. 8, 2012
    North Korea’s state news agency has accused Australian commuter newspaper mX of “bullying” after the country was dubbed “Naughty Korea” in a recent Olympic medal tally.
    While North Korea was given the “naughty” title, its democratic neighbour of South Korea was referred to as “Nice Korea” in the medal tally… the Korean Central News Agency labeled the newspaper’s actions as “foolish” and “degrading”more
    korea is naughty

  14. Megalophallus Derpus Says:

    Herro, I am a ordinary American pig dog. I to am to be raughing at mighty North Korea. I am perhaps totarry unawares of mighty fighting army of DPRK. And how their mighty reader Kim Jong Un, who I totarry have no knowredge of is most strong and has the biggest penis in the worrd and is a most handsome and cunning and can totarry preform the sex and is certainry not a gay homosexuar unrike what certain individuar says. I do not know that DPRK has rowist rates of obesity in worrd, and is number one country in entire earth. Well, nice making conversation with fellow imperiarist, now I go to make sex with fat wife whire eating cheeseburger and riding on scooter cart in war-mart.

  15. Joe Zoo Says:

    BEST KOREA EVEN HAS BEST BROTHELS!!! w00t! w00t! (*^_^*)

  16. Alternative Asian News Online Videos & Photos Says:

    1. Move to North Korea
    2. Open up a “Human Feces Shop”
    3. ???????
    4. PROFIT!

  17. Taro Says:

    The North Korean Subway May Be The Creepiest Subway On Earth | Dec. 4, 2013
    The Pyongyang Metro is the pride of North Korea...more


  18. Taro Says:

    New Posters Produced!
    Korean Central News Agency
    PYONGYANG, January 13 19:44 KST (KCNA) —
    The DPRK produced new posters to call for waging a dynamic movement for gay rights and inclusive sexual expression



  19. @nknewsorg Says:

    Buddies Bedding
    in Best Korea

  20. MARKed TRAIL Says:

       • said-openWho’s first?said-closed

       • said-openHipster haircut anybody?said-closed


  21. Choko Says:

    bedding  best-korea


  22. R Says:

    I wonder what those guys are writing in their little notebooks.

    Anyone any idea?

  23. Taro Says:

    R wrote:
    I wonder what those guys are writing in their little notebooks.

    They sure look like a fun-loving crew. (*_*)

    Here are more close-ups from the Long-Dong Shimbun:

  24. Taro Says:

    I wonder what those guys are writing in their little notebooks.

    Why is Kim Jong-un always surrounded by people taking notes?
    BBC News | 24 April 2014
    There’s a newly released batch of photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on a series of site visits. The dozens of photos all have one curious detail in common – the leader is surrounded by officials and generals making notes in identical notepads
    who are those men meticulously taking notes? They’re not journalists, but soldiers, party members or government officials, says Prof James Grayson, Korea expert at the University of Sheffield. What is happening is a demonstration of the leader’s supposed power, knowledge, wisdom and concern, says Grayson. It’s “on-the-spot guidance”, something instigated by his grandfather Kim Il-sung in the 1950s. “It’s part of the image of the great leader offering benevolent guidance,” says Grayson
    paper notebooks remain the favoured medium. “These are pictures that will be broadcast on television and shown in the state media, so those who are there want to be seen recording Kim Jong-un’s every word.” It’s about presenting him as having broad knowledge – however, it’s ridiculous, he can’t possibly know about all of these different things, says Grayson. “It’s important, however, that the apparatchiks that surround him are seen to be hanging on his every word.”
    kim-guidence ..

  25. Says:

    North Korea Has Instagram, Here’s 34 Of Their Best Photos
    Tokyo Times | 2014/07/07


    More photos…

  26. Mr. T Says:

    Kim Jong-un dance video displeases North Korea | 2014/07/22
    North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a video clip lampooning leader Kim Jong-un. According to a source in China on Tuesday, the North feels the clip, which shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting, "seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority." Beijng was unable to oblige.

    WARNING, turn down your speakers: Video infested with crap-synth, cat-yowling, C-Pop.

    PM Abe gets beat down by Wild-n-Krazy Kim Un (and Obama) at the 1m37s point.

  27. Mr. T reporting Says:

    Without any cars, "Car Riding Group" tours Best Korea!

    "Car Riding Group Visits Mangyongdae"
    #NorthKorea @KCNAWatch"

    Yang Hyong Sop Meets Car Riding Group
    Pyongyang, August 15, 2014 17:41 KST (KCNA) –Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, met with the Russia-cross Korean Peninsula car riding group
    The group is taking part in the "Paektu-Halla car riding for supporting the peace and reunification"more
  28. 中本哲史 Says:

    Woo hooHee, hee, hee


  29. Says:



  30. Taro Says:

    Kim Jong Un on the drug scene…

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