‘Let’s fighting American governments to save the free pirate! For great justice!’

The hacker group Anonymous has been having fun on twitter with their “OpJapan” protest of the recent passing of the draconian Japanese law criminalizing downloading of copyrighted media on the Internet with prison sentences of seven years.

The Japanese language itself has proven difficult for Anonymous’ protest action in Japan when they mistakenly attacked the river authority of “Kasumigaura” mistaking it for “Kasumigaseki” the home of Japan’s central government offices. RocketNews24 (2012/06/29), reports that Japanese public has actually found Anonymous’ bumbling attempts at malformed Japanese as charmingly “kawaii”/cute, and the news service suggests the following tweet

twitter-_-op_japan @Anonymous

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8 thoughts on “‘Let’s fighting American governments to save the free pirate! For great justice!’”

  1. Great engRish stuff from you site, man. I’ve read your silly stuff before and you’re just sick. I love what youve got here & love what you’re farting around about.

  2. I quit. I refuse to play at all. I never used to be a conspiracy person. Now I am. What they are doing with the anti-downloading measures is part of the one-world capitalist conspiracy and I will no longer play their game. Watching video is no longer fun and they even are making it chore. These mega-media practices are becoming ridiculous. Fuck it.


    They’ll solve this stupid Japanese law.
    zombie pirate ninja girl japanese
    Please insert my illustration.

  4. Japan enacts two-year jail terms for illegal downloading
    Draconian laws mean 10 years for uploaders
    The Register | 1st October 2012
    Downloading pirated material in Japan can now earn you two years in prison and a fine of two million yen ($25,600) for each purloined file, with uploaders facing 10 years in the Big House and a fine five times as large.
    The laws – some of the toughest ever enacted against illegal downloaders – were passed in June after strong lobbying from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). Downloading has been illegal in Japan for the last two years, but as a civil offense with no sanctions, not a criminal matter with jail time…more…

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