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Foiled attempt by Cthulhu’s minions on the Ohi nuclear plant in Japan!

The Deep Ones send Jellyfish to attempt delay in a Nuke Plant….first attempt fails

jellyfish ponyo

So writes the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, Den4, who spotted this ominous report today about the Deep Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos* from to less that Japan’s esteemed national broadcaster, NHK.

Ohi No.3 reactor reaches full capacity
NHK WORLD English | Jul. 8, 2012 – 16:42
The nuclear reactor was restarted on July first after being shut down for maintenance that lasted 15 months….the electric generator at the No.3 reactor at the Ohi nuclear plant Fukui Prefecture reached 100-percent power output of 1.18 million kilowatts on Saturday.
On Sunday afternoon, a swarm of jellyfish prevented sea water from being absorbed to cool the reactor. Kansai Electric was forced to reduce the power output, but went ahead with the work as scheduled when the amount of jellyfish recededmore...

The first thing I thought when I saw this NHK report was, “WTF, NOT AGAIN!?”
The 3Yen reported about jellyfish attacks on Japanese nuclear power plants several times in the past few years:
deep ones stir
(3Yen /2011-07-10 )
Jellyfish attack Japanese nuke plant!
(3Yen / 2011-06-25)
Killer jellyfish invade Japan’s seas
(3Yen / 2008-02-09)
(3Yen / 2006-07-20)

HOWEVER, the real rest-of-the-story comes from the in-depth, ‘deep’ article of Will jellyfish take over the world?.

Looking at the many scientific reports of burgeoning masses jellyfish rapidly taking over the oceans, the report foresees an, “ominous image of a jellyfish evolving terrestrial limbs and pulling itself onto land—readying itself for a new conquest” and “except the last sentence, of course–could conceivably come to pass.” goes on to quote Dr. Anthony Richardson saying that this is, “the ‘jellyfish joyride’ and it is already happening in parts of the ocean: diverse fish populations are being replaced by jellyfish” …more...


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7 Responses to “Foiled attempt by Cthulhu’s minions on the Ohi nuclear plant in Japan!”

  1. George A. Says:

    Here’s proof of the danger of the Deep Ones masquerading as Japanese food!

  2. Welcome to Our New Jellyfish Over-lords Says:

    These jellyfish explosions are linked directly to human actions, including over-fishing (especially JAPANESE overfishing), the polluting of the oceans, and global warming.

  3. Den4 (via email) Says:

    Den4 reports from his secret lair deep beneath the vile vortex of The Great Pacific Gomi Gyre*…

    deep one cthulhu aquaman..

  4. via Japan Real Time Says:

    Jellyfish Clog Up Japan’s Nuclear Restart
    Wall Street Journal blog | July 18, 2012
    the jellyfish attack…sparked a rush of humorous commentary …DVICE, a website for technological news, on July 11 posted an article entitled “Millions killed in jellyfish anti-nuke protests,” referring to the jellyfish that were killed at the Oi plant…on Twitter and 2 channel, Japan’s largest online bulletin board, with many posters claiming the jellyfish as ally in the anti-nuke movement.
    white space is good for the soul “Algae and jellyfish are scarier than the anti-nuclear forces. They will take action” (July 14, Twitter, xmmm)
    “The jellyfish came to the reactors because of the restart, right? Restart -> hydrothermal venting -> jellyfish come together” (July 18, Twitter, doki_doki_panic)
    “No matter how many times we do demonstrations, they won’t stop the nuclear reactors, but an influx of jellyfish will make them stop” (July 8, Twitter, chorusson)
    “Mother nature is mad” (July 8, 2 Channel, Bombay)
    “We shouldn’t rely on jellyfish. What humans created, humans have to stop.” (July 8, Togetter, mouse_mole)
    “The jellyfish that threw themselves at the reactor… may they rest in peace” (July 8, Togetter, katsura_moshino)


  5. Den4 (via email) Says:

    deep one on a half shell

    deep one on a half shell

  6. den4 via email Says:

    more deep ones
    more deep ones

    MoaR! MoAr! M0aR! M0ar!

  7. den4 via email Says:

    Why there is so much madness these days?

    why there is so much madness these days

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