Crane lifts the world’s largest hemp joint into worship position in Japan

A hell of load of hemp!—Four and half tons of a new sacred hemp rope is shown below being lifted into Kaguraden Hall of the Izumo Taisha Shrine on July 9th in Taisha, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. According to The Asahi Shimbun (via Getty Images) the Shinto shrine’s rope was renewed for the 1st time in four years and it took six and half hours to get it into a “high” position of hemp-full worship.
Notice the hot hemp maidens praying for love in the lower half of the above photo. Izumo Taisha is one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan and is thought to favor those hoping for luck in love.

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Shimenawa Izumo Taisha shrine japan  sacred rope at Kaguraden Hall
Shimenawa at Izumo-Taisha Shrine via Wikipedia

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5 thoughts on “Crane lifts the world’s largest hemp joint into worship position in Japan”

  1. Sheeeee-it, I roll bigger ones just from the loco weed that grows in my sidewalk’s expansion joints.

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    Yes Dear, I still brush my teeth with Peppermint Hemp soap just like this guy on youtube.

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