Another hit of bath salts and ‘kawaii’…from Japan of course

Once again here’s proof that Japan’s hallucinogens must be the most buggy-fcuked awesome ever invented. Japanese designer-drug bath salts* offer a flawless anthem for ushering a new era of æsthetics and endless illuminati creativity as shown below.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu pukes eyeballs
Via : By [sic] me for Haru.

In addition to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu puking eyeballs, recently she has been singing about candy—perhaps as in “free candy” fame*

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11 thoughts on “Another hit of bath salts and ‘kawaii’…from Japan of course”

  1. Hey Taro, have you gone wonky from the heat? Why are you subjecting us to this J-pop wack?

    u mad ?
    Please insert this GIF.

  2. derp posted:
    u mad ?

    Gee, derp-san, you gave an amusing surprise when I went to check Google Image Search to find the origin of your “U MAD?” gif, which Google guesses to be a, “confused troll.”

    google image search - are you u mad..

    I always thought of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as more of a dwarf, than a troll.

  3. I want to tell that this post is extremely helpful for making my teeth as soft as liquid stones poured from an aquamarine vase of solidifying flesh. Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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  5. Ms. Belle energetically ejaculated about her:
    Une petite compilation des plus belle… A small compilation of the best facials…

    Sorry Ms. Belle, but the 3Yen doesn’t need “the best facials.” (WTF is wrong with these spammers?)

  6. Je suis japonaise. J’etudie le francais maintenant. Je voudrais echanger quelqu’un qui parle bien francais avec moi!!

  7. This JpopPoop is what you see if you could take the entire great country of Nippon, grind it into a fine powder, and snort it up all at once.

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